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  • Explore the power of individual actions to generate wellbeing, prosperity, and happiness in communities around the world.

  • Get a sneak peek into a future of opportunity through explorations of resources that are fundamental to human development.

  • Reflect on our individual actions and think about how we can become positive agents of change in our communities and beyond.


Unleash the potential within and be an agent of change! Your journey through the Opportunity District will include some of the following district pavilions to explore diverse perspectives on the future of opportunity.
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Mission Possible - Opportunity Pavilion

Even small actions make a powerful impact. Follow the path of global innovators, be an agent of change and build a better future for everyone.
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expo dp world pavilion

The DP World Pavilion

See the real-time movement of cargo across the world, learn how global trade happens and understand how it impacts daily life. From DP World Cargospeed to Box-Bay, go on an exciting, interactive journey to understand how what you buy online makes it to your front door in just a few days.
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China Pavilion

Vividly showcasing China’s profound culture and longstanding history, the China Pavilion artistically integrates Chinese elements with modern technologies. Experience dazzling light shows and innovative technologies!
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Belarus Pavilion

Discover how nature and technology can help us grow together and share a better future through collaboration. Explore the themes of innovation, investment and the individual at the Belarus pavilion, which recreates the look and feel of the nation’s primeval forests.
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United Kingdom Pavilion

Contribute to a dynamic poem displayed on the exterior of this AI and space focused pavilion. Explore innovations for a shared future, including exoskeletons created for people of determination and the commercialisation of space.
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USA pavilion

USA Pavilion

Inspired by the theme of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Future," the USA Pavilion celebrates the American spirit. Watch an exciting show that takes place in the ceiling of the pavilion, showcasing a dynamic society that has shaped the modern world.
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Bahrain pavilion

Bahrain Pavilion

Marvel at groundbreaking architecture in an underground open plan space of innovation and experience; see different kinds of weaving in action, get a first-hand look at innovative technologies used in manufacturing, and sample local cuisine with a twist.
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India pavilion

India Pavilion

Building on India's culture, heritage and technologies, including its space programme, the Pavilion will reflect 'new India' and show the strengths of its human resources and youth's aspirations. 600 kinetic blocks on the pavilion's facade tell the story of India on the move.
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Monaco pavilion

Monaco Pavilion

Inspired by the 'Rock of Monaco', this gem-like, polygonal pavilion will take visitors on a multi-sensory journey through mirrored exhibition spaces, replicating the sights and smells of the French Riviera.
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Norway pavilion

Norway Pavilion

The Norway Pavilion will allow you to explore the deep blue sea and learn about the importance of ocean conservation – all without changing into a wetsuit.
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KSA pavilion

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

Balancing rich heritage and natural wonders with the energy, creativity and innovativeness of its people, the pavilion will demonstrate how Saudi Arabia is shaping both its own and the world’s future.
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Morocco pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

A land rich in talent, opportunities and a source of inspiration. Enjoy an immersive experience through a continuous ramp that reflect the streets of the Moroccan medinas, and its 'Wast Eddar' patio


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expo 2020 sustainability pavilion

Sustainable Planet

Explore the beauty of our amazing planet and experience how the choices we make today affect the world of tomorrow.
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expo 2020 Mobility district

Universe in Motion

Travel through time and space to discover human progress across physical and digital realms.
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Legacy of the UAE

Discover the UAE's rich history, vibrant culture, and ambitious future driven by the vision of its leaders.