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  • Unleash the power of individual actions to generate wellbeing, prosperity, and happiness in communities around the world.

  • Get a sneak peek into a future of opportunity through explorations of education, careers, and resources in the decades ahead....

  • Reflect on our individual actions and think about how we can become positive agents of change in our communities and beyond.



Visit one of the Opportunity District’s country pavilions to explore that nation’s perspective on the district’s theme. Here are some examples of what you could see!
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Austria pavilion

Austria Pavilion

The exhibition inside the Austria Pavilion takes visitors on an inspiring journey through spectacular spatial sequences, bringing together sensory and digital experiences in a harmonious structure.
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Bahrain pavilion

Bahrain Pavilion

Marvel at groundbreaking architecture in an underground open plan space of innovation and experience; see different kinds of weaving in action, get a first-hand look at innovative technologies used in manufacturing, and sample local cuisine with a twist.
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China Pavilion

Experience dazzling light shows and innovative technology in one of the largest Expo pavilions. Find out how 5G, AI and smart travel can help build a community with a bright, shared future.

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India pavilion

India Pavilion

Building on India’s culture, heritage and technologies, including its space programme, the Pavilion will reflect ‘new India’ and show the strengths of its human resources and youth’s aspirations.
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Indonesia pavilion

Indonesia Pavilion

Explore how Indonesia is transforming future civilization with innovations that merge modern technologies and local knowledge.
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Italy pavilion

Italy Pavilion

See how beauty connects creativity and knowledge in this nautical pavilion and experience a view of Italy from the sky. All aboard for a memorable journey through history, inspired by old Mediterranean routes, to the future!
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japan pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Guests welcomed by Japanese traditional Origami shapes that symbolize the respect shown to others.
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Kazakhstan pavilion

Kazakhstan Pavilion

The Kazakhstan Pavilion will demonstrate the country’s dynamic development, cultural diversity, rich human and natural resources, and its tourist, technological and investment opportunities.
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Luxembourg pavilion

Luxembourg Pavilion

Luxembourg will highlight the resources that have contributed to the country’s success, as well as the essential need to preserve them and create new opportunities through their intelligent use.
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Malawi pavilion

Malawi Pavilion

People who visit the Malawi pavilion will leave with a comprehensive understanding about Malawi because there will be informative illustrations about history, and achievements and the vision that Malawi has made and is pursuing.
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Monaco pavilion

Monaco Pavilion

Inspired by the 'Rock of Monaco', this gem-like, polygonal pavilion will take visitors on a multi-sensory journey through mirrored exhibition spaces, replicating the sights and smells of the French Riviera.
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Myanmar pavilion

Myanmar Pavilion

The pavilion is designed with the emphasis to create a welcoming feel for all visitors to encounter the beauty of Myanmar diverse people and her culture. It will also inspire visitors toward self-reflection and introspection.
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Norway pavilion

Norway Pavilion

The Norway Pavilion will allow you to explore the deep blue sea and learn about the importance of ocean conservation – all without changing into a wetsuit.
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Republic of Burundi pavilion

Republic of Burundi Pavilion

The pavilion will showcase some of Burundi’s greatest marvels, unique cultural traditions and its welcoming and hardworking people, with the aim of attracting tourists, business partners and investors.
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KSA pavilion

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

The pavilion, resembling a huge window opening up from the ground and soaring into the sky, will offer visitors an immersive journey showcasing Saudi Arabia’s transformation
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Sri Lanka pavilion

Sri lanka Pavilion

The value of adaptability and an ability to transform challenges into opportunities will be highlighted, along with how Sri Lanka has found new and unique ways of establishing itself in niche markets.
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Switzerland pavilion

Switzerland Pavilion

The pavilion reflects Switzerland and its diversity – from magnificent landscapes to innovative projects and ideas for a sustainable future.
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Ukraine pavilion

Ukraine Pavilion

Smart living, smart thinking and smart feelings will come together at the Ukraine Pavilion, as the nation demonstrates how bright ideas and the latest innovations can help to create a better future.
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USA pavilion

USA Pavilion

The show ties the exhibit narratives together, echoing their messages in an unprecedented way. This is an experience that touches on the biggest and boldest of ideas and presents the very cutting edge of what’s possible but, at its core, is human.
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Zimbabwe pavilion

Zimbabwe Pavilion

Representing Zimbabwe as a country whose strength is its ‘great people’, the pavilion reflects a country rapidly diversifying into new areas of innovation and growth.
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Belarus Pavilion

Explore the themes of innovation, investment and the individual at the Belarus pavilion, which recreates the look and feel of the nation’s primeval forests.

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United Kingdom Pavilion

Contribute to a dynamic poem displayed on the exterior of this AI and space focused pavilion. Explore innovations for a shared future, including exoskeletons created for people of determination and the commercialisation of space.


Inspired to take your learning further? Continue exploring the theme of opportunity, both before and after your journey, using the Expo 2020 learning resources.

District 2020

Cycle 1 / Primary

If you could design the city of tomorrow, what sort of building technologies would you use? With District 2020 as a source of inspiration, let your ideas soar.

Augmented and Virtual Students

Cycle 2 / Middle

Textbooks are so old-school. Thanks to the power of Augmented/Virtual Reality, explore how you’ll learn math by manipulating it and geography by exploring the tallest mountains and the deepest valleys.

What colour is your jetpack?

Cycle 3 / Secondary

What is your dream career? Look at the skills that will be useful in the careers future, and think about how you can be ready for a job that may not even exist yet in an exciting and ever-changing world.
Visualising the World

Visualising the World

Cycle 1 / Primary

Can data tell stories? Explore how ordering information can not only make it easy to understand, but can become beautiful pieces of art in their own right too.
Cityzen 2030


Cycle-3 / Secondary

Warm up your vocal cords and have a glass of water ready, because you’ll be directing a podcast entitled ‘CITYZEN 2030’, where you’ll share ideas and solutions for the cities of tomorrow.
Art and Culture

Art and Culture

Cycle-2 / Middle

Whether it’s to share stories, feelings or ideas, art connects us as human beings. It crosses the boundaries of culture, language and age and brings communities together in meaningful ways. Discover how art can help you tell the stories of our time.


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Sustainable Planet

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Universe in Motion

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