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  • Uncover the hidden treasures of our natural world and see humanity’s impact on the environment.

  • Discover how we can apply innovative technologies and creative ideas to help people and planet thrive in harmony.

  • Reflect on how our individual choices can re-balance the earth to generate a sustainable future for all species.



Visit one of the Sustainability District’s country pavilions to explore that nation’s perspective on solutions to our shared environmental challenges. Here are some examples of what you could see!
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Azerbaijan Pavilion

The nature-inspired pavilion, which has a leaf-shaped roof, will encourage visitors to consider the impact of their individual choices and invest in the future now to restore balance to our natural world.
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Brazil Pavilion

Given that the world’s largest river runs through Brazil, it's no surprise that the nation’s Expo 2020 pavilion incorporates water as its most striking feature.
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Canada pavilion

Canada Pavilion

Come live the Canadian experience in a spectacular, 360-degree theatre, inspired by the vast Canadian landscape; referencing Middle-Eastern architectural elements and reflecting an innovative, collaborative nation.
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Czech republic pavilion

Czech Republic Pavilion

View new technology that transforms desert into an oasis by extracting water vapour from the air, and a large-scale installation celebrating the Czech Republic’s long history of glass making.
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Germany Pavilion

The ‘edutainment’ focused pavilion will showcase German innovations and sustainable solutions. Visitors can wear cutting-edge connected devices as they explore themed areas including The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab and The Biodiversity Lab.
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Kuwait Pavilion

At the Kuwait pavilion, the past meets present to shape a far-reaching vision for the country’s future. It will be a future created by a resilient, innovative country for the well-being of everyone.
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Malaysia Pavilion

The pavilion’s ‘Energising Sustainability’ theme captures Malaysia’s commitment to balance socio-economic progress with environmental concerns, to ensure a secure and sustainable future.
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Montenegro Pavilion

The Montenegro pavilion will offer visitors an insight into the country’s multi-religious cultural heritage, its national parks, water resources and diverse ecosystems, while celebrating it as an open and safe investment destination.
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Netherlands pavilion

Netherlands Pavilion

Enter a miniature world with its 
own climate system; brimming with innovative sustainable solutions 
that harvest water, energy and food, including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

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New Zealand Pavilion

The New Zealand Pavilion’s theme reflects the Maori value of ""kaitiakitanga"", which emphasizes the deep kinship between people and the environment.
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Portugal Pavilion

Portugal will highlight the human spirit through the diversity and inclusiveness of its people, reflect the culture of creativity and innovation, and reveal an ecosystem of great opportunities.
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Romania Pavilion

The pavilion will have three New Nature ambassadors whose remarkable pieces of work in fields like art, economy and science highlight the close and deep connection between humans and the natural world.
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Singapore pavilion

Singapore Pavilion

Stroll through a city in a garden, capturing the sights and sounds of nature. Sample diverse flavours in the sky market and enjoy interactive exhibits telling Singapore’s story of sustainability.

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Spain Pavilion

Exploring everything from historical innovation and adventure to biodiversity and organ transplants, the Spain Pavilion offers a diverse experience with a town square atmosphere.
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St. Kitts and Nevis Pavilion

The rich cultural heritage of St. Kitts and Nevis is explored through, beauty, food and music. This pavilion is sure to stimulate all 5 senses. Visitors will be exposed to innovations and experiences unique to the twin-island federation in a pavilion designed by students at the Nevis Sixth Form College.
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Suriname pavilion

Suriname Pavilion

Despite its size, Suriname is a country where people and nature co-exist in harmony. Learn about Suriname’s ethos of diversity, also known as 'Moksie Patu' translating to ‘everything in one’, a reflection of Suriname’s respect for unity and tolerance.
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Sweden Pavilion

The Scandinavian woodlands combine with Islamic geometric design to inspire the architecture and storytelling of the Sweden Pavilion.
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Philippines pavilion

Philippines Pavilion

Discover millennia of history, 
a sustainable culture and a vibrant vision of the future in this remarkable space, designed to resemble a coral reef or ‘Bangkota’. 


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