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  • Explore the UAE through time and space, from distant past, to visionary future, from traditional settlements to modern metropolises....

  • Discover the unique gems of the UAE’s culture and heritage that inspire and guide us into the future.

  • Reflect on the importance of unity, collaboration and innovation in the accelerated progress and development of a young nation



Reimagine energy and experience the future of commercial aviation by visiting our Journey Pavilions.
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GCC pavilion

Gulf Cooperation Council Pavilion

The pavilion will highlight the GCC’s achievements and unity by creating an experience that showcases the links between its member states, including their shared history, religion, and culture.

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The ENOC Pavilion

In the ENOC interactive pavilion, enter an immersive experience that challenges conventional ideas about energy and inspires new ways of thinking about it.

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The Emirates Pavilion

Learn, experiment and engage with new technologies and innovations in the exciting and fun-packed Emirates Pavilion.


Inspired to take your learning further? Continue exploring World Expos and the legacy of the UAE, both before and after your journey, using the Expo 2020 learning resources.

UAE Expo adventure

Cycle 1 / Primary

If you are new to World Expos, buckle up, because you’ll journey across time and space, starting from 1851 in London until present-day Dubai, learning about the ideas and innovations that were shared along the way.

Presenting pavilions

Cycle 2 / Middle

World Expos are known for their awe-inspiring pavilions. This fun-filled, card-playing lesson looks at the UAE’s pavilions of the past, as you chart the nation’s course in the World Expo timeline from participant to host.

Majlis around the world

Cycle 3 / Secondary

The UAE has a lot of offer to the world. Explore how majlis can be exported to facilitate tolerance and understanding, and create a toolkit to be shared with others.
Bringing the world together

Bringing the World Together

Cycle-1 / Primary

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Explore the guiding theme for Expo 2020 and learn how it can lead to a shared understanding and collaboration across the world. Use it to set your goal for the future.
Hosting the world

Hosting the World in 2021

Cycle-3 / Secondary

190 countries in one city! That's what an Expo can create- a chance to explore and discover different cultures, innovations and future opportunities within a shared theme. Learn what makes each and every country significant and unique.
empathy circle

The Empathy Circle

Imagine what we could achieve if we just listened to each other! Learn how we can all build a circle of empathy to empower people and utilise the power of thought to generate optimism about our future.


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Universe in Motion

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World of Opportunities

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Sustainable Planet