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Welcome to Expo 2020 School Trips

Welcome to Expo 2020 School Trips
World Expos are extraordinary mega events that celebrate human ingenuity, global collaboration, and collective solutions to global challenges. Expo 2020 Dubai will continue this tradition with the latest ideas that can power a vision of a better future while celebrating our nation’s achievements over the last fifty years. 

Through the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” we aim to make Expo 2020 a meaningful, fun and memorable experience for students and educators. More than 190 country pavilions, partner and organization pavilions will converge at Expo 2020, each showcasing achievements, innovations and aspirations to create a brighter future. 

Our free tickets, exclusive to UAE schools, offer students access to four unique journeys across the UAE Pavilion and three vibrant Districts - Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. Each of these journeys is a unique and immersive experience, aligned with diverse school curricula in the UAE to deliver extraordinary learning through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Registering Coordinators

School Coordinators will be your school’s main point of contact for the Expo School Programme team. 

For this reason, we recommend that each school has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 coordinators, to efficiently handle all of the bookings. 

Public schools have their designated coordinators and therefore, are not required to register coordinators.
Before adding Coordinators, it is recommended to confirm with the Principal who the nominated individuals are, since a verification email will be sent to the Principal as part of the registration process.

To add a Coordinator, each individual must sign-up independently through the website, and go through the required verification process. 

If a school wants to remove a Coordinator, the Principal must send us an email with the request. If only 2 coordinators are registered, the school will be required to register a new coordinator, before processing the request to remove a coordinator.

3.1. Four incredible school journeys

Expo 2020 Dubai is proud to present four immersive educational journeys for schools, each designed to inspire students and ignite their creativity. Each journey is unique and catered to the different cycles, with direct learning objectives linked to the school’s curriculum. These four journeys include:

Sustainable Planet gives students a captivating picture of our planet when humanity chooses to either save or neglect it, spurring them to forge new paths towards a sustainable future.

Universe in Motion, where students trace the past, present and future of mobility in a thrilling journey across time and space, exploring the movement of people, goods and ideas through technology.

World of Opportunities provides inspiring stories to unlock and new ideas to uncover. Students will embark on an interactive experience where they become positive agents of change and collaborate for the future of humankind.

Legacy of the UAE tells the nation’s storied history and exciting future. Designed in the shape of a falcon in flight, the UAE Pavilion welcomes students to a space that is both mesmerizing and inspiring.

More detailed information about each journey is available in the Journey Packs you received, as well as on our website.


3.2. From your Arrival to the Expo 2020 site to your Departure

Each journey has a separate, dedicated bus parking lot. Your school will receive their Welcome Kit, with directions and a unique QR code for each booked group within 24 hours of confirming your tickets.

To assist you with your bus planning, more information can be found in Section 5.
Upon parking the bus, your dedicated tour guide will enter your school bus and provide your school group with security identification items. These identification items will ensure that if a child is lost at any time, security can reunite them with your school group quickly.

If your school group is arriving on more than one bus, it is imperative the QR code is placed on both buses, so the tour guide enters both buses to provide the identification items. 
Once your school group has passed all Expo security check-points, your tour guide will take you through various stop points on your journey, including washroom breaks (which are closer in distance for KG groups), as well as resting and eating areas. 

Each of the different journeys has a Journey Pack available online, which outlines the different stops that your school group can experience at Expo 2020.
School groups are the only Expo 2020 visitors that are allowed to bring their own lunch and water bottles. They will be provided with dedicated spaces to eat their lunch on their journey. 

Students will not be allowed to purchase meals on site, due to long wait times at dining venues.
Once your school group has completed their journey for the day, your Tour Guide will take the students back to the bus pick-up point, where your school bus will be awaiting your group to board, and head back safely to your school.

Expo 2020 School Schedule

Expo School Journeys are only available for schools and can only be pre-booked online. These journeys are not available to the general public.

These four journeys are offered on:

Dates: Sunday to Thursday from October 1st to December 9th, 2021 and 
January 2nd to March 24th, 2022

Timings: 8:30am - 12:15pm, in 15-minute timeslots. 
These are not available on weekends or during winter break. 

There are many slots available within each interval, which means that you can schedule more than 1 group on the same journey at the same time (depending on availability). When planning your groups for your bookings, please ensure that you follow the guidelines outlined in Section 5.2.

If your school is interested in visiting during non-school days, please speak to our School Sales Team directly.


All four journeys are available to all students from Kindergarten up to Cycle 3/ High School across the UAE. Every student is encouraged to experience all journeys, which will include a dedicated tour guide for the entire duration.

As each journey is quite immersive with a lot of content, only one journey per day is permitted.

The time dedicated to each journey depends on the students’ cycle, and includes the tour guide’s welcome, bus unloading/loading, washroom breaks, as well as snack/lunch meals. 

Please note that the total duration of each journey may vary depending on various factors. The estimated duration of the full journey is as follows:
KG/FS up to 2.5 hours
Cycle 1/ Primary School group up to 3 hours
Cycle 2/ Middle School group up to 3.5 hours
Cycle 3/ High School up to 4 hours
School group sizes must be between 15 and 25 students, and must have the correct number of adults accompanying the group, as outlined below. 

Students in each group must also belong to the same cycle, as each journey is tailored to their age group.  

When doing your bookings, please ensure that each group adheres to the bus and transportation rules, outlined in this section, as each group will be allocated a bus QR code and identification items, as outlined in section 3.2.

Ratios & accompanying adults 

A minimum number of adults are required to accompany each group, based on the students’ cycle. The accompanying adults can be teachers, teaching assistants, or other school staff, and are required to arrive on the same bus as the students. 

These accompanying adults will be provided with free tickets, based on the ratios outlined below:
KG/FS 1 accompanying adult for every 5 students
Cycle 1/ Primary School group 2 Min – 4 Max accompanying adults per group
Cycle 2/ Middle School group 2 Min – 4 Max accompanying adults per group
Cycle 3/ High School 2 Min – 4 Max accompanying adults per group

If you would like to add more adults to your school trip, please see Section 6.2.

Within 24 hours of confirming your tickets, you will receive a digital Welcome Pack which includes instructions for your specific journey’s bus, directions to the journey entrance and the unique bus QR code. This QR code needs to be securely and clearly displayed on the windshield of the bus in order to pass the Expo 2020 security checkpoints. 

When planning your school groups, it is important to note that one bus cannot transport two different groups. If one group exceeds the bus capacity, a second bus can be used with the same QR code. 

This is very important, as there are different parking lots and drop-off points for each journey, along with different tour guides for each scheduled group. 

Any mix-ups in the groups on the buses could result in delays or cancellation of your school’s journey due to security concerns.

Please ensure that you schedule adequate time to arrive and depart from the Expo site. Groups must arrive at their designated time slot to ensure they have adequate time to experience their entire journey. We cannot guarantee that late arrivals will receive the full journey experience.
Things to remember when considering the appropriate timings for your school’s arrival/departure:

  • School buses travel at much lower speeds than regular cars, so the journey will take longer than a regular car ride
  • Take peak traffic times into consideration
  • Consider the time your school buses will return to school, as they may delay drop-off times in the afternoon. To avoid delays, some schools have opted to schedule a different set of buses for regular home drop-off on their Expo trip days.


expo 2020 school ticketThe ticket for each school journey is free of charge and includes:
  • Entry to Expo 2020
  • Express pass into the thematic pavilions
  • Exclusive journey, curated to school groups
  • Group tour guide
  • Identification item
  • Free tickets for accompanying adults within the required ratios outlined in Section 5.2
If you would like to add additional staff, over the free accompanying adults allowed, your school will be required to purchase a general admission ticket for each additional adult. 

A general admission ticket is priced at AED 95 and can be purchased from the Expo 2020 Main ticketing Office either upon arrival or in advance from the main Expo 2020 ticketing website.  

Student numbers can be changed at any time up to your confirmation date (15 days before your first arrival). 
Bus drivers have a designated waiting area. This is an air-conditioned area, where light refreshments will be served, while they await for your school to finish their journey. Due to site restrictions, school buses must remain on the Expo 2020 site for the duration of your school’s journey.

Bus nannies will count as accompanying adults. This means that if your school will be using bus nannies, they will be expected to attend the trip with their class and therefore, will count as an accompanying adult admission. 

Entry is free of charge for all people of determination, as well as one personal assistant. This includes both students and teachers/ teaching assistants of determination.

The Expo 2020 site is wheelchair accessible, and a wheelchair can be available for a student if required. However, you will be required to provide the assistant to push the wheelchair, as this student will be classified as a SOD.

Expo also offers quiet rooms around the site, which provide safe spaces for overwhelmed students, in case they need it. Your Tour Guide will provide you with the nearest location, should the use of these rooms be necessary for a student in your school group.

Things to take into consideration

This section is dedicated to helping Coordinators and Principals ensure that they have taken everything into consideration when planning their school trips to Expo 2020.  

Up until 15 days before your first scheduled journey, your booking is only a reservation and you can therefore still revise your dates, class name, as well as your student and adult numbers. In order to finalize your booking, you are required to confirm your journeys and visitor numbers 15 days prior to the date of your arrival at Expo 2020.

Please note that if you reserve 4 journeys for the same school group in one go, your booking will be considered as one transaction and you will be required to confirm all your journey dates and visitor numbers 15 days prior to the date of your first arrival. For this reason, we recommend booking each journey separately so you have more flexibility adjusting your reservation, if needed

It is also important to note that the earlier you book, the more likely you are to find your preferred dates/slots.
Each school’s grouping requirements are different, and sometimes not as straightforward as 1 class per group. Please remember that regardless of your groupings, all students on a journey must arrive on the same bus, with the same QR code!

Grade / Cycle
The first important rule is that students in each group must also belong to the same cycle, as each journey is tailored to their age group.  Most schools prefer to bring students according to their class, which ensures that everyone is in the same cycle.

Nevertheless, you can combine your classes together to ensure that you have the appropriate staff ratios, as long as your student numbers in each group remain within the required range (15-25 students per group). 

Boys and girls can be in separate groups if preferred, as long as they are in the same cycle. This separation will need to be done at school, as they must arrive on the same bus in their allocated group.

If your school has a curriculum outline for the different cycles ahead of time, it is a good idea to relate the trip to the different aspects of the curriculum, or even events that your school may host that relate to the Expo themes/sub-themes. 

For more information on specific curriculum links and classroom resources, please see the Journey Packs provided on our website.

Days, Times and Weeks
To help spread out the trips for students, it is recommended to split the 4 journeys across your school’s terms/semesters.

Also, please keep in mind the days or weeks your school may not be able to do trips, or prefer to do trips. This may vary by cycle, depending on your school’s schedule. As every school is different, this will help you find the best dates suitable for your school trips. 

Important Days to Remember
Before scheduling your trips, please note school days that cannot be moved, as this will help avoid having to re-organize trips. These dates may include, but are not limited to:
  • Exams
  • School events, including traditional days, sports events, etc.
  • Professional Development Days

Permission from Educational Authorities

Educational Authorities in the UAE are very supportive of Expo 2020 Dubai and the Expo School Programme. We continue to work together to support school bookings and ensure that students benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Nonetheless, schools must follow the usual approval process required by the Educational Authority in their Emirate, prior to visiting Expo 2020 Dubai.  We also encourage the school’s management to directly get in touch with the concerned educational authority to resolve any challenges they may face.

Health & Safety Policy

The Expo 2020 Dubai risk assessment for school trips is included in your Coordinator Kit. If you did not receive it, or require a detailed copy of the Expo 2020 Dubai Health and Safety Policy, please contact the Call Centre directly on 800-EXPO (3976).

Booking your school trip

Once you have registered as a Coordinator, you can use your Expo provided username and password to login and start booking your preferred dates and times for your school trips. A step-by-step booking guide is provided to you with your login credentials. 

Prior to confirming your bookings 15 days before your arrival, you can change everything, including:

  • your registered class name,
  • increase or decrease student and adult numbers,
  • change the selected journey, or
  • change the date/time.
However, if you want to amend your class grade (for example, change the booking from a Grade 3 to a Grade 7 class), then you are required to delete the booking and create a new one with the new class information.


Once your trip is confirmed, school trips can only be cancelled by calling our Call Centre directly on 800-EXPO (3976).

Our aim is to offer all UAE students the chance to visit Expo 2020 Dubai. That said, we have limited capacity throughout the 6-month duration of the event. For this reason, we kindly ask you to inform us of any cancellations as soon as possible.  By not updating us, you not only risk getting your school’s future trips cancelled, but you deprive other schools of this opportunity. 
A confirmed booking can only be cancelled through our Call Centre under unforeseen circumstances ("Act of God"). 

If weather conditions are challenging and you have been instructed not to travel, our Call Centre Agent will try to reschedule your trip dates. If the available dates are not suitable to the school, only then we will cancel your booking, and you will be required to create a new booking for a later date.

Your booking is considered to be a reservation up to 15 days prior to your journey, and can be amended accordingly as per Section 10.1. 

Once you click on “Confirm Now”, your reservation will be considered confirmed and a summary of your booking, along with the tickets and your Welcome Pack will be issued. At this stage, you can no longer amend your student numbers.

If your reservation is not confirmed within 15 days of your school’s journey, it will automatically be cancelled in the system. 

For safety and security, we will require the Full Name, Email and Mobile Number of all accompanying adults on the journey. Please ensure that the accompanying adult details are entered on the website at least two weeks before the date of arrival. 

In case of emergency and the accompanying adult information has to be changed, please contact our Call Center us as soon as possible on 800-EXPO (3976). 

Confirmed Bookings

Confirmed Bookings
Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a digital Welcome Pack. This pack will include:

  1. All Entry Tickets
  2. Bus QR code(s)
  3. Directions to your journey entrance

After Booking - Resources Available

The Expo School Programme has made a wide selection of resources readily available for schools to use to inspire Educators and Students to explore Expo 2020 and its global outreach. We hope our resources and programming will spark creativity and imagination in classrooms across the UAE! 

Parent Pack is available online and contains all the content teachers need to share with parents and excite them about Expo 2020 Dubai’s 4 journeys

Journey Packs are available online and provide detailed information about each journey’s highlights as well as the main stops, type of experiences and country pavilions your school will visit. These are useful for your Principal, School Leaders and Teachers, to further understand the different journeys available.

Online Resources & Curriculum Links are available online and can assist teachers in bringing the educational value of the school journeys directly to the classroom.

School Kit Guide Once you’ve made your school’s first booking, you will receive a digital copy of this guide which has lots of printable material to build excitement across your school!



Bookings & Confirmations

As outlined in Section 3 of the Coordinator Planner, every time slot has many available tours. To ensure that your different groups can start at the same time, you may book the same journey at the same time slot, but with different group information. Please ensure that you have the correct adult ratios in each group for the tour to be confirmed.

This means that each group will have their own tour guide and QR code for their bus, and therefore must arrive on different buses. However, as a school you may leave school, and travel to and from the Expo site together.
The same applies as Q1, except that you will book for different journeys, and your school buses will go to different entrances for drop off and pick-up.
At this stage, all coordinators need to do is make reservations based on the expected number of students. These student numbers can be changed until the time when the trip is confirmed (15 days before the group’s first visit). This means that all confirmations will take place in the next academic year, including the number of students of determination on each trip.
Holidays: Schools have a good understanding of which dates could become school holidays (winter break, spring break, February half term break) and should avoid days where a public holiday could be called. If a public holiday is called, or the school calendar changes unexpectedly, you can contact our Call Centre on 800-EXPO (3976) and they will be able to support you in rearranging dates.

Inspections: Educational Authorities in the UAE are very supportive of Expo 2020 Dubai and the Expo School Programme. We will continue to work together to support school bookings and ensure that students benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nonetheless, we also encourage the school’s management to directly get in touch with the concerned educational authority to resolve any challenges.
Once your student numbers have been confirmed, you can no longer add students.
Yes, student safety comes first! Please notify the Call Centre as soon as possible, and provide them with the replacement teacher’s contact details as required.
Tickets are non-exchangeable, as all tour guides are allocated per day. Please contact the Call Centre on 800-EXPO (3976) as soon as you know that you will not be able to make it. They will do their best to help you re-schedule your trip. 

Our aim is to offer all UAE students the chance to visit Expo 2020 Dubai however, we have limited slots throughout the 6 months. For this reason, we kindly ask you to inform us of any cancellations ahead of time. 

By not updating us, you not only risk getting your school’s future trips cancelled, but you deprive other schools of this opportunity. 
Due to tour restrictions, we cannot extend tours, but we may be able to shorten a tour. Please contact the Call Centre to discuss your concern further, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
As per the Educational Authorities, all parents must sign a consent form prior to their child visiting the Expo 2020 site for each journey they attend. Schools are required to keep a copy of these permission forms on file.


Students are only allowed to purchase merchandise at specific outlets onsite.
Yes, teachers are welcome to make purchases onsite. However, they must remain with their school group at all times.
Heavy back-packs will not be allowed on site for security reasons. We recommend that students bring a light backpack, to keep their water bottle and lunch in, while walking around the Expo site. 
Students are required to wear their uniform and comfortable shoes. It is up to the school’s discretion if students should wear their daily uniform, or PE uniform.

We also recommend that students wear hats and put on sunscreen before coming since they will be walking outside to reach the different pavilions.
Expo 2020 does not have any policy regarding the use of mobile phones on site by students. It is up to the school’s discretion and mobile policy to guide students accordingly.
Teachers are more than welcome to take photographs in most locations across the Expo 2020 site. We also encourage you to share the pictures and tag us on social media @expo2020schools. 
In case your group enters an area where photography is not allowed, the Tour Guide will inform teachers accordingly.
As the journeys are mapped out depending on curated experiences for students as well as space availability in the pavilions, schools cannot select the countries they wish to visit.
Teachers are encouraged to bring a list of emergency contact details for their students.
Expo 2020 has a fully equipped hospital on site, with First Aid trained staff always around the pavilions. In case of an emergency, Tour Guides are trained in the correct procedures of getting the assistance required.
The Expo 2020 site opens at 10am every day to the general public, and at 8:30am for school groups. 

Expo school journeys are designed in such a way that children’s health and safety are always a priority. School groups will always be using the express pass, granting them safe and easy access to the different pavilions. Tour Guides are also instructed on which areas to avoid during peak times, ensuring that students have minimal contact with other visitors. 

Despite all our efforts, Expo 2020 is a public space and there may be instances where students have limited contact with the general public. 
All students are provided with security identification items, which help security reunite a child with their school group as quickly as possible, in case they get separated. Any child wearing an identification item is not allowed to leave the Expo site, except with the dedicated Tour Guide and their accompanying adults.
If the student breaks their leg prior to confirming the student numbers, please indicate this student as a person of determination, with the request for a wheelchair. This will allow your school to bring an assistant free of charge to help push the student and ensure that a wheelchair is available upon arrival.

If the student breaks their leg after you have confirmed your student numbers, please call the number provided in your Welcome Pack and notify the agent as soon as possible. We will try our best to provide a wheelchair upon your arrival.


Parents are not allowed to enter Expo 2020 Dubai with a school group.

To ensure security protocols are followed, parents showing up at the Expo 2020 site with a general admission ticket will not be allowed to join their child’s school group, nor will they be allowed to take their child home from the Expo 2020 site.
If you have a student of determination who requires special transportation methods (i.e. they cannot ride the regular school bus), make sure you inform the Call Centre. They will make special arrangements to facilitate drop-off and pick-up and ensure the student has a safe and seamless entry with their class.
Due to security restrictions, students must return on the same bus that they arrived in.
With the help of the school’s appointed Expo Coordinator and the School Leadership Team, schools may conduct activities and sessions to raise awareness about the Expo 2020 school journeys. 

We have many resources available on the Expo School Programme website, which you can access at: 

Our Parent Pack will also help support your school in their parent initiatives, which includes information packs on each journey, as well as consent forms for parents to sign.