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Start with a napkin, showcase your idea to the world.

We are inviting school students across the UAE to share their exciting innovative ideas! Start with a simple sketch on a napkin, and develop your concept into an innovation that will be showcased online to the world, and maybe even at the Expo in 2020!


Submissions are now open- be the first to upload your students' napkins!

Showcase student ideas and innovations online and at the Expo in 2020!

Develop critical thinking, and problem solving skills
Develop Skills
Build on your teamwork and collaboration skills
Encourage Teamwork
Practice peer-to-peer review and constructive feedback on projects

How it works

Some of the world’s greatest ideas were born on the humble napkin. From the writing of popular novels, to the initial sketches of some of world’s favourite cartoon animations, and even the world’s first MRI—it all started with a napkin sketch and turned into something magnificent! 

School students are invited to tap into their circles of empathy and unleash their creativity to  come up with innovative solutions to everyday challenges, starting with a single napkin sketch.

Register your class now and join a growing number of Expo 2020 Young Innovators who are becoming positive agents of change.


Napkin Upload Closing date: 13th April, 2019

start with a napkin, showcase your idea to the world

step 1

Register online

step 2

Teachers download the Expo Innovation Toolkit for students to come up with ideas

step 3

Students create a napkin sketch of their ideas and upload it online for the world to see

step 3

Students bring their napkin sketch to life and upload the first version online

step 3

Teachers nominate one student/team per year/grade to move to the next round

step 3

Principals select finalists from the teachers' nominations

step 3

Students work with Expo 2020 to create the final version and showcase at the Expo 2020 Visitor Centre

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