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How can my school be part of the Expo 2020 Dubai Champions programme?
Your school should contact the Expo School Programme at to express an interest in and receive the digital version of the Expo 2020 Dubai Champions documents for teachers and students. Each school participating in the Expo Champions programme requires one teacher coordinator and two student Expo Champions. The roles, responsibilities, and activities are set out in the Student and Teacher handbooks to fully explain how the programme is to be implemented at the school. Please follow the steps on the Expo Champions page on our website to implement the programme at your school.
Each school may have two Expo 2020 Dubai Champions only.
Expo School Programme encourages you to establish an Expo 2020 Club at your school with the Expo 2020 Dubai Champions leading the club and organizing the clubs Expo 2020 activities at your school. Students aged 16+ may also register as an Expo 2020 volunteer through the link:
Kindly note that you should only share photographs or videos of students whose parent or guardian has a signed the Expo 2020 Dubai photo/video release form, which can be at the end of the Expo 2020 Dubai Champions application document. Please follow the following steps when submitting materials: a) Save all materials to a file transfer website (e.g., WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.) b) Send online transfer link to c) Please also provide the following information in your email: • Name of school • Name of Teacher Coordinator • Names and grades of Expo 2020 Dubai Champions
For more information or for any queries or comments, please e-mail