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Expo 2020 Dubai Champions

Expo 2020 Dubai Champions programme is an excellent opportunity for students to be involved in the journey to Expo 2020. The initiative aims to empower students to build leadership skills, to communicate their vision for Expo 2020, and to be inspired by the UAE’s efforts to build a better future for everyone.
Expo 2020 Champion Medal

As Expo 2020 Dubai Champions, students will:

• Independently spread awareness of Expo 2020 among peers, teachers and parents.

• Actively engage the wider school community to promote Expo 2020 and its vision and impact.

• Develop leadership skills including the ability to plan and implement change, reflect on experience, and represent their school.

To learn more about Expo Champions and to apply for the programme, please download one of the links below:

Become a Teacher Coordinator for Expo Champions

Expo 2020 Dubai Champions Teacher Coordinators connect students with Expo 2020. You are the main point of contact between a school’s Expo 2020 Dubai Champions and the Expo School Programme team.

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students participating in Expo School Programme challenge for term two holding Expo 2020 logo banners

Challenge For Term Two

Expo School Programme is pleased to announce a new innovation challenge for Expo Champions. We encourage you to be creative and innovative, to design and produce a prototype of an innovation that can solve a global challenge.

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Winners For Term One Challenge

Expo School Programme and the Expo 2020 Volunteers team selected 12 finalists from all of the entries we received, we are delighted to announce that three schools have been selected as winners for this challenge.

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Students drawing on a white board an artwork for Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo Club

Many students at your school may be interested in becoming Expo 2020 Dubai Champions. If this is the case, we encourage you to establish an Expo 2020 Club at your school.The Expo 2020 Dubai Champions will organise Expo activities and ensure that each member of the Expo 2020 Club has a role to play in promoting Expo 2020 within your school.


FAQs for Expo Champions

If you have further enquiries, kindly refer to our FAQs for Expo 2020 Dubai Champions programme.  We have tried our best to anticipate your questions and hopefully have succeeded!   

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Expo School Programme

Expo School Programme is a team dedicated to collaborating with educators and students across the UAE to share the vision and impact of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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