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discover four bespoke journeys

The World of Opportunities

The World of Opportunities

Play your part in the future of humanity

Students will discover how to unlock opportunities and learn about new ideas that will inspire them to act. They may also get inspired by the Opportunity Pavilion where they will witness the real impact of their actions and see how they can become positive agents of change in their own communities as the experience will unveil how individual decisions can impact global causes.

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Get a sneak peek into the future, through explorations of schools, cities, jobs, data, and resources of the future.

Discover and recognize the impact of individual actions on environments of our homes and communities, social wellbeing of people, economics of countries, and the world as a whole.

Reflect on their own choices and actions, and think about how they can become positive agents of change.

The Universe in Motion

The Universe in Motion

Human progress through physical and digital realms

Students will get to travel through the past, present, and future of movement, from ancient exploration to artificial intelligence. On this journey, students will discover evolution through the physical and digital realms. The journey could include a visit the Mobility Pavilion aboard the world’s largest elevating platform, which takes students to the House of Wisdom in ninth-century Baghdad before they head on to meet nine-metre-tall historical giants of Mobility. Students will leap forward in time to enter a virtual world brimming with data, then step into the city of tomorrow. They may even be served by a robot or drone waiter along the way…

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Trace and learn about the movement and progress of people, goods, and ideas within the physical and digital realms.

Venture across time and space to explore the dynamic universe, smart machines, and the technological link between humanity’s past, present, and future.

Reflect on the ways through which people, goods, and ideas, move, and what it all means

The Sustainable Planet

The Sustainable Planet

Use, recycle, repeat: how positive environmental choices today could affect the world of tomorrow

How will our environmental choices today affect the world tomorrow? This journey may include a visit to the Sustainability Pavilion where students can tiptoe underneath a dense forest, risk the planet’s future in a game of high-stakes pinball, and meet a giant fish concerned about the plastic waste in its ocean home. Despite the madness of human consumption and the harm we’re causing the environment, it’s not too late for us to save the world. Students will discover the innovative global projects that are creating new paths of sustainability, and pledge to help preserve our planet for future generations.

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Uncover the hidden treasures of our natural world, and see humanity’s effects on the environment.

Discover and learn about the applications of innovative technology in the field of global sustainability.

Reflect on the importance of and identify individual actions that can help with re-balancing the earth for a brighter future.

The Legacy of The UAE

The Legacy of The UAE

Introducing the world to the nation’s rich culture and bright future

Students will discover more about the UAE’s rich culture and heritage as well as its plans for a brighter future. They will also see the mesmerising architecture of the UAE pavilion, designed in the shape of a falcon in flight. The pavilion will tell the history of the nation as a connected global hub, and the vision of its leaders to create a peaceful and progressive society with ambitious plans for the future.

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Explore of the UAE throughout time, from the past, to the present, leading into an incredible vision for the future.

Discover the unique treasures that lie within the UAE’s culture and heritage.

Reflect on the importance of unity, collaboration and innovation, in the accelerated progress and development of a young nation.

Ticket Prices

Pricing includes entry to Expo 2020 Dubai

Students 50 AED per journey
Accompanying adults FREE*
Person of Determination FREE
POD Personal assistant FREE
Additional accompanying adults 60 AED per journey
Lunch 20 AED per person
*Free tickets for accompanying adults will be provided:
  • 1 every 5 students of KG / FS
  • 1 every 10 students of Cycle 1 / Primary School
  • 1 every 15 students of Cycle 2 / Middle School
  • 1 every 15 students of Cycle 3 / High School

Accompanying adults such as teachers, parents or school staff, are mandatory to accompany the group during the journey

Plan your visit



  • Journeys will be from 20 Oct 2020 to 10 Apr 2021
  • School journeys take place between Sunday to Thursday, arrival times are in intervals of 15 mins, between 8:30AM to 11:15AM. School groups must arrive at the time-slot selected on the booking system.
  • To enter each student will be provided with a bracelet identifier
  • Journeys may vary depending on availability and will be:
    • 2,5 hours for KG / FS
    • 3 hours for Cycle 1 / Primary School
    • 3,5 hours for Cycle 2 / Middle School
    • 4 hours for Cycle 3 / High School


  • Each journey will be catered for the grade/cycle of the group
  • The minimum group size is 15 students. The maximum group size is 40 students
  • Please do not mix the grade/cycle of groups
  • Accompanying adults such as teachers, parents or school staff, are mandatory to accompany the group during the journey


  • Schools must assign coordinators who would be responsible for making their school bookings
  • Principals must e-mail coordinator's details (name, email address and mobile number) to
  • Ensure the details of the accompanying adult are entered at least two weeks before date of arrival
  • Reservations must be confirmed 45 days before date of arrival or else tickets will be released from your account
  • Payment must be made 30 days before date of arrival or else tickets will be released from your account


  • Each lunch is optional and must be selected during the booking through the website
  • There will be dedicated lunch spaces for KG, C1, C2 groups only (no Cycle 3)
  • Cycle 3 groups can purchase lunch in one of the many restaurants at Expo 2020 Site
  • Lunch will be vegetarian and nuts-free. If you or any of the students have any allergies, please bring your own lunch instead

Getting there

  • Buses need to be arranged by the school
  • It is imperative that one bus does not transport two different groups. If one group exceeds the bus capacity, a second bus can be used. The school must print the same sign with QR code twice and display in each buses windscreen. This bus sign will be provided upon payment. 
  • Dedicated parking spaces for school buses will be provided
  • Dedicated drop-off and pick-up areas for school buses will be provided
  • Rest area for bus drivers will be provided

Expo Road
Dubai South, Jebel Ali
Dubai, United Arab Emitrates

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(+971) 800 EXPO (3976)