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Expo 2020 Young Stars

Perform opera extracts with a professional orchestra

This is an opportunity for different school choirs to come together and perform extracts from the Al Wasl Opera on a state-of-the-art stage at Expo 2020 Dubai to a global audience, a once in a lifetime experience.
Al Wasl Opera

Al Wasl Opera

Expo2020 Dubai is to premiere an Emirati Opera in October 2020. Titled ‘Al Wasl’ meaning ‘The Connection’ in Arabic, it will be a celebration of the best global operatic talent. Al Wasl Opera will tell an Emirati story, celebrating the UAE’s rich cultural heritage, immense achievements to date as well as sharing aspirations for the future.

Nasheed Al Wasl

Nasheed Al Wasl is an Al Wasl Opera-inspired education and outreach programme that will make opera accessible to students. 
Nasheed Al Wasl is a 30-minute students choral concert accompanied by a professional orchestra performing extracts from Al Wasl Opera on stage at Expo2020 Dubai. The programme will premiere when Expo opens its door in 2021, followed by a series of performances throughout the six months of Expo2020 Dubai.

Nasheed Al Wasl


Choir Composition

  • Your school choir needs to have a minimum of thirty (30) students. All ages are welcomed and can include both girls and boys.
  • Your school choir needs to have a dedicated choir leader who shall be responsible for teaching the music to the choir and conducting all required individual school choir rehearsals.
  • All choirs will wear their school uniforms for the Nasheed Al Wasl performances.
  • English will be the sung language.


  • Register your school choir online. Registration is open until 31 December 2019.
  • Multiple casts of 250 students will be formed by merging multiple school choirs.
  • Each cast of 250 students will have its own Choir Director assigned by Expo2020 Dubai who will ensure the artistic integrity and quality of the performances across the school choirs.
  • Learning resources and teaching guides will be provided to each school choir leader.
  • Individual school choir rehearsals are planned to start in February 2020.
  • Nasheed Al Wasl will premiere in November 2020, followed by a series of performances throughout the six months of Expo2020 Dubai.
  • Each cast will be allocated a performance date. Each cast shall perform twice on the allocated date.
  • Each cast will have general rehearsals with our professional orchestra prior the performance date.

Other requirements

  • Parental consent for each child will be required in order for any child to perform. The schools will be responsible for providing parental consent forms to the Expo 2020 Dubai team for all students.
  • The school must provide the required chaperones and transport to the assigned location for the general rehearsals and to the Expo 2020 Dubai site for the performance. A school point of contact is required to communicate and coordinate logistics with Expo 2020 Dubai team.