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World in Circles

How can our lives be guided by the principles of circular economy and closed loop processes?


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a tropical fish on a coral reef in Dubai aquarium

Closing the Plastic Loop - (Primary/Cycle 1)

Students go on a journey to discover the potential of waste to create new fun and useful things. They will discuss the ways in which they use plastic at home and then create a comic strip story about how to reduce waste.
boat sailing in an ocean

Waste Free Ocean - (Middle/Cycle 2)

Students will think about how plastic pollution affects the UAE, look at microbeads and create a journey map to marine animals and humans, with a picture-matching game to recap learning.
a guy holding an icecream cone with a green field and scattered cows background

The Cold Chain - (Secondary/Cycle 3)

Students will explore the journey of ice cream production from where it’s made to storage and transportation. They will be introduced to key concepts including linear economy and circular economy. Please note that the attached PPT file is slightly above the average size.