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People on the Move

Mobility is the bridge to opportunity by connecting people, goods and ideas and providing easier access to markets, knowledge and innovation. Human curiosity and ingenuity have propelled us further and faster, and young people are growing up in a world of unprecedented movement and dynamism. Expo 2020’s Mobility vision is a commitment to showcase smarter and more productive movement—both physical and virtual—as we speed into the future. Human mobility is part of our DNA and has shaped the planet for the past 200,000 years. For centuries, trading routes have enabled people to share cultures, languages and foods, bringing ideas together and generating creativity.  Today, the global movement of people creates unprecedented connectivity and new possibilities.


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Speed of Imagination - (Primary/Cycle 1)

In this lesson, students will work together to identify what they most enjoy about the place in which they live. Then they explore how every aspect that they enjoy is the result of someone’s imagination.

Human Migration - (Middle/Cycle 2)

Students will explore the reasons for human migration and the ways in which centuries of migration and trade have affected the culinary culture of the Middle East. They will discover some of the migration stories behind their favourite Middle Eastern foods through a fun game.

Climate Change Migration - (Secondary/Cycle 3)

In this lesson students examine the effects of climate change on human migration, identifying reasons why some population groups around the world may choose to migrate due to reasons related to climate change.