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Future Schools

How we teach and learn will dramatically change over the next decade. Explore classrooms and schools (and even playgrounds!) of the future.


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The Infinite Classroom - (Primary/Cycle 1)

Students will discover that future classrooms will be infinite – where no space will be limited, and where there will be no boundaries to restrict learning to any one space. Through interactive technologies, students will understand that learning goes beyond face-to-face teaching and is not limited to the physical classroom, with students able to travel in time, and in the world.

Augmented Students - (Middle/Cycle 2)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can expand our senses and the range of environments we can interact with – the possibilities are almost limitless. In this lesson students will explore how AR/VR can transform how they learn about the world, from manipulating maths to visiting volcanoes. They will come to understand how AR/VR will help them learn skills for specific jobs, and new learning experiences.

The World as our Classroom - (Secondary/Cycle 3)

When we think about learning, we often think of a traditional school or classroom. But what if learning could take place somewhere completely different? Even a Ferris wheel or a rollercoaster could be a learning experience if you look at the world through a lens of innovation!