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Future Data

Big data will change the way we address challenges and create opportunity. How will big data promote wellness and happiness of communities?


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Visualising the World - (Primary/Cycle 1)

Students explore the power of data and its ability to tell stories about the world we live in, and create opportunities for people. They compare different types of data visualisation to help them understand the power of this form of communication. They end the Learning Journey by using data to create their own story.

digital trends

Tracking Trends - (Middle/Cycle 2)

Students explore how tracking data and trends can identify and illustrate patterns that emerge in our interactions as humans, workers, citizens and communities. Students will learn to track trends and will begin to appreciate how data can enlighten us regarding challenges and opportunities, in turn creating positive social impact and strengthening planning for the future.

Big Data Big Art - (Secondary/Cycle 3)

To encourage students to transform big data into visually stunning art pieces that express a theme of Digital Citizenship, in order to show how information can be shared between people using technology, to bring about positive changes and connections in our world.