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Future Culture

World Expos have been at the forefront of architecture, design, art and music since their inception. Expo 2020 will showcase breathtaking architecture, modern design, beautiful public art and global music to celebrate the world.


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Music and Tolerance - (Primary/Cycle 1)

To encourage the students to engage with music and consider how it can be used to bring people of various cultures together, and to communicate important messages about equality, tolerance and inclusivity. 

Art and Culture - (Middle/Cycle 2)

To encourage students to think about the ways in which art connects us as human beings, no matter where we are from – particularly in terms of public art and through everyday objects which can have universal meanings and messages – but also bond us together as local communities.

Architecture at Expo 2020 - (Secondary/Cycle 3)

To encourage students to consider how an architect designs a building and what aspects they must consider, and also to appreciate how these design features have been used in past Expos and in Expo 2020 Dubai.