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Future Careers

Transport to the year 2030 and learn about careers of the future—You might be surprised!


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a kid wearing virtual reality glasses

A Hyper Speed World - (Middle/Cycle 2)

Students use a fortune teller to select an everyday task, then act out how it will be performed in the future, transformed by automation and other technological advancements. They watch a video about District 2020, and think about how life might be different in future communities, and what impact that will have on jobs.

An Emariti lady holding a plant with the Expo 2020 Dubai logo behind her

Colour Outside The Lines - (Cycle 3/ Secondary)

Students learn about the difference between jobs and skills through a balloon pop challenge, explore how Expo 2020 Dubai can help them prepare for jobs that do not exist yet, and travel in time to 2050 to imagine life in a smart city such as District 2020, thinking about which job sectors will grow and which skills will be in demand.

a man wearing a jet pack

What Colour Is Your Jet Pack - (Secondary/Cycle 3)

Students do a quiz to identify their ‘career colour’ and then explore an example job for each colour. They then complete a Dream Job Exploration to capture their thinking about their own future, and what steps they will need to take to make it a reality.