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A Global Community

Connecting Minds

Expo 2020 Dubai is bringing the world together to share ideas and work together to try and find solutions to the world’s challenges. When we communicate openly and with empathy, new dialogues can open the door to amazing opportunities for all.


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Bringing the World Together (Primary/Cycle 1)

To help students recognise and appreciate that we are all similar and different, and that our differences are positive.

The Empathy Circle (Middle/Cycle 2)

Students discover the power of positive thinking s in a practical demonstration. They consider how, when people listen they can solve problems together.

Majlis Around the World (Secondary/Cycle 3)

Majlis is an Arabic term for “the sitting place”. Historically, a Majlis was a space for tribes to gather in one place and discuss events and challenges pertaining to their community. It was a place to connect, identify challenges, and come up with solutions that serve the tribe.