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Expo Champions

The Expo 2020 Dubai Champions programme provides an opportunity for the school community to be actively involved in the Expo 2020 journey, spreading awareness about Expo 2020 and generating excitement about this national project. It is also a great opportunity for students to communicate their thoughts and ideas about what they hope to see and experience at Expo 2020, and to feel inspired, empowered and confident about the UAE’s efforts to build a better future for everyone.

As Expo 2020 Dubai Champions, students will:
  • Take the initiative and independently spread awareness of Expo 2020 among students, teachers and parents at their school.
  • Actively engage the broader school community outside of their classrooms to promote an important event for the UAE and wider region.
  • Develop the key skills necessary to contribute as future leaders, including the ability to plan and implement change, reflect on experience and represent their school as Expo 2020 Dubai Champions during the journey to Expo 2020.

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