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Expo 2020 is to premiere an Emirati Opera in next October. Titled ‘Al Wasl’ meaning ‘The Connection’ in Arabic, it will be a celebration of the best global operatic talent. ‘Al Wasl’ Opera will tell an Emirati story, celebrating the UAE’s rich cultural heritage, immense achievements to date as well as sharing aspirations for the future. Performed in both Arabic and English, the ‘Al Wasl’ Opera will be a powerful statement about artistic development in Dubai as well as being a major event of international significance. Produced in collaboration with world-renowned opera company Welsh National Opera, this commission, will contribute to the UAE’s global positioning, cultural heritage and legacy for future generations.

To mark this momentous achievement, Welsh National Opera has specially designed accessible opera workshops for Primary / Cycle 1 Students.

Opera Workshop for Students

These interactive workshops will be an introduction to opera, story-telling, and classical music. Each session will explore themes around unity, connectivity, innovation and history, central to the story of ‘Al Wasl’ Opera, whilst drawing references from classical music.

Location: Expo 2020 Visitor Centre
Duration:  2 hours

  • Introduction to opera, story-telling and classical music
  • Touching on curriculum objectives such as enquiry based learning, group work, literacy and communication

Audience: Primary/Cycle 1 students
Key learning:
These inspirational sessions will encourage children to delve further into the world of opera through song, movement and above all creative learning.

Arrival time
9th Feb 2020
10th Feb 2020
11th Feb 2020
13th Feb 2020