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Where can I download the Expo Innovation Toolkit?
In order to access the innovation toolkit, you will need to log-in by clicking ‘Enrol student innovators’. Please create an account if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve logged in, you will be able to see the Innovator Dashboard. Here, you can click on the text under the circle number 2 to ‘Download Expo Innovation Toolkit’ which contains the PowerPoint presentation, teachers’ guide, and student worksheets for different grade levels. If there are any issues with your log-in, please contact the Expo School Programme team through the contact-us form. Please note: The Expo Innovation Toolkit is only accessible for teachers.
All school students (and home-schooled students) from public and private schools across the UAE can take part. This programme is for students of all grade/year levels starting from KG/FS all way up to Cycle 3/Secondary school. However, students must be enrolled into the programme by their teachers, and cannot enrol themselves.
If your child is home-schooled, and you are their teacher, you may upload their innovation. If your child goes to a school in the UAE, the innovation must be uploaded by his/her teacher only. Please encourage your child’s teacher to enrol your child in the Expo 2020 Young Innovators initiative.
The registration and uploading process is for teachers only. If you are a student, please speak to one of your teachers to register your idea onto the website. Your teacher will be able to enrol you and upload your innovations online.
All teachers’ names will be showcased online on the official Expo School Programme website, alongside their students’ innovations. In addition, participating teachers will receive a certificate of appreciation for promoting the culture of creative thinking and innovation amongst their students.
The criteria for shortlisting students is provided within the Expo Innovation Toolkit. Each teacher can nominate 1 student/team per grade/year level.
Once all the teachers from the school have nominated their students’ innovations (1 innovation per grade/year) through their dashboard, the cumulative nominations list will be sent to the principal, for the final selection process. The principal will be able to select 1 innovation for each of the following school levels: KG, Cycle 1/Primary, Cycle 2/Middle, Cycle 3/Secondary. This will all be done online.
The innovations will first be selected by the school. Expo 2020 Dubai will do another round of selections internally, and a number of the innovations will be showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai(either physically, or digitally)
If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to the Expo School Programme team at Please ensure that the subject of your e-mail contains “Expo 2020 Young Innovators”.