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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the whole school be involved in this experience?
The maximum number of students that can take part in the onstage performance is 100. However, there are many ways to involve students who are not performing. For example, students can help with concept development, prop making, costume design and creation, script writing, etc.

More details on this will be provided to the shortlisted schools in the Creative Toolkit, which will be distributed in January 2020.
If your school is a private school, please complete the Expo 2020 Young Stars registration form If your school is a public school, please contact for further assistance with the registration process.
1. Interest and Experience - 70% weightage

We are looking for schools that have a passion for creativity, a keen interest in performing arts and experience in putting together performances that communicate a message.

2. School Visits to Expo 2020 – 20% weightage

It is important that schools representing Expo 2020 Young Stars have a good understanding of the performance themes and a knowledge of what Expo 2020 is all about.

The best way for schools to achieve this is by taking part in the School Journeys, where students will have the opportunity to visit Expo 2020 and explore the themes in a fun and unique way. To find out more about how to get involved, please click here (add hyperlink).

3. Resources and Logistics – 10% weightage

We want to ensure that selected schools are well equipped and prepared to put together a performance that will take place on the iconic Al Wasl Plaza stage.

The registration deadline is November 28th, 2019.

Only a limited number of schools will have the chance to perform at Expo 2020, so we suggest registering your school as soon as possible.
Shortlisted schools will be announced on January 5th 2020.
Students in KG, Cycle 1, Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 can take part in the performances.