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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Expo Champions per school
Every School must have 2 Expo Champions. The
Champions can create Expo Club at the school, add all the
interested students, and involve them in the monthly dares.
Throughout the month and as soon as they are ready!
You can share your students' work and activities on our social media
pages @expo2020schools and tag us #expo2020champions
The Expo Champions Programme is designed for students of the UAE in both private and public sectors but we highly encourage students from around the world to participate in the Expo 2020 Champions program by sharing their work on our social media channels @expo2020schools and tag us #expo2020champions
There should be one Teacher Champion per school. The Teacher Champion can choose extra teachers to help him/her and, they will receive a certificate of appreciation at the
end of the programme.
Expo 2020 Young Champions Programme is in full swing and we are updating the dares every month. Kindly check the Expo 2020 Champions page or our social media pages for more info