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Will my child receive a certificate after completing a workshop at Expo 2020 Summer Explorers?
We are delighted to say that children who participate in our workshops will be awarded a “certificate of achievement”
Please visit the link and make sure you choose the ideal workshop for your child, factoring in their interest, age group, suitable time and date as you fill out their information as accurately as possible. We will send you a confirmation email once your child has been registered to the Expo 2020 Summer Explorers programme.
Because we award every child with a personalized Certificate of Achievement for the workshop they attend, we highly encourage that you register your children separately. Of course, if registration is full for a particular workshop session, your children are welcomed to share their screen and work on the activities together.
Expo 2020 Summer Explorers will begin on Monday, July 27, and end on Thursday, August 6. We are offering our distinct workshops catering to ages 7 to 12 and another four catering to ages 13 to 16. Please consult the detailed schedule below to choose the date and type of workshop that work best for you and your child.
You can click here to download the schedule
We are happy to announce that Expo 2020 Summer Explorers will be free of charge! Please make sure to sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a spot for your child.
You can register as many children as you would like, however, each workshop has limited capacity. Kindly book your sessions at the earliest.
The materials needed will vary based on the workshop you have selected. One week before the sessions begin, you will receive a list of resources needed for that workshop session.
We created Expo 2020 Summer Explorers to give children a fun and safe space where they can explore future-oriented ideas, dynamic lessons and engaging audiovisual content from the comfort of their own homes. Our workshops take an “out-the-box” approach to summer learning, with activities ranging from immersive to interactive, tapping into a variety of interests and passions. So that whether your child is a musician at heart, an environmentalist in the making or an aspiring inventor, the Expo 2020 Summer Explorers is poised to challenge their way of thinking, ignite their curiosity, and even introduce them to a friend or two along the way.
Of course! Alternative materials will be suggested. A list of materials will be given to you one week before the sessions begin.
Your child is welcome to participate in all the workshops that are suitable for his or her age group.