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22 Apr
Expo 2020 Visitor Centre, Expo 2020 Dubai Site Get direction

Expo 2020 Dubai: A School Trip of a Lifetime!

Information Sessions: Understanding the Expo School Journeys                                               
This brief information session will take you through the Expo’s themes, and the bespoke journeys created for your students. From grand pavilions to explore, and unforgettable experiences to discover, Expo 2020 Dubai presents students with four immersive journeys; each is made to tap into their potential and ignite their creativity. 
Discover Expo 2020’s bespoke school journeys and special ticket prices offered for your school, ensuring that your students get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Expo Coordinators Workshops: Supporting your school with booking their Expo School Journeys
Run by our Expo School Advisors, the purpose of these workshops is to support your Leadership Team and Expo Coordinators in organizing and booking your four school journeys to Expo 2020 Dubai. 
During this session our Advisors will focus on what to expect during Expo 2020, as well as assisting you with the booking process and answering any questions that your school may have. 




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