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About us


Expo School Programme is a team dedicated to engaging with the school community across the UAE in our journey to 2020 and during the six months of the Expo 2020 event. Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation to explore, create, and learn in a fun and immersive environment.  
We aim to make the next World Expo meaningful to educators and students alike. We are directly engaging with teachers and students to help them explore Expo 2020’s vision inside and outside the classroom. Schools are integral to the success and legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai. This includes the school community playing an essential role in creating excitement and momentum for this historic event. We can only create meaningful and lasting benefits for future generations by involving our youth and their educators.
Explore our many initiatives to see how your school can join the journey to 2020.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives and programmes offer a wide range of opportunities to learn more about Expo 2020 and its regional and global impact. From our Visitor Centre to online Learning Resources, we have something for everyone to discover. Be sure to explore the different pathways of exploration available to your school. 

Explore our initiatives
Our Initiatives