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Expo School Programme

Expo School Programme is a team dedicated to engaging with young people across the UAE in our journey to 2020 and during the six months of the Expo 2020 event.  Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation to explore, create, and learn in a fun and immersive environment.  
We aim to make the next World Expo meaningful to educators and students alike. We are directly engaging with teachers and students to help them explore Expo 2020’s vision inside and outside the classroom. Schools are integral to the success and legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai. This includes the school community playing an essential role in creating excitement and momentum for this historic event. We can only create meaningful and lasting benefits for future generations by involving our youth and their educators.
Explore our many initiatives to see how your school can join the journey to 2020.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives and programmes offer a wide range of opportunities to learn more about Expo 2020 and its regional and global impact. From our Visitor Centre to online Learning Resources, we have something for everyone to discover. Be sure to explore the different pathways of exploration available to your school. 

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Meet Our Dynamic Team

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Marjan Faraidooni

As Senior Vice President of Legacy Development & Impact at Expo 2020 Dubai, Marjan Faraidooni’s role is to oversee the delivery of the World Expo’s positive, sustainable and enduring legacy and impact beyond 2021. Marjan joined Expo 2020 in 2014 to lead the strategy development and execution of its legacy programme. Marjan’s other responsibilities include supporting the Expo School Programme in developing and implementing children and youth engagement before and during the World Expo, and delivering memorable and impactful visitor experiences for two of Expo 2020 attractions, the Sustainability and Mobility pavilions.

Alya Al Ali

Alya Al-Ali joined Expo 2020 Dubai in 2014 and has been focusing on youth and children initiatives ever since. As Director of Expo School Programme in the Legacy Department of Expo 2020 Dubai, her role is to develop and deliver youth engagement and empowerment initiatives in the journey towards this global event. Alya believes that hosting Expo 2020 presents Dubai with a wonderful opportunity to show the world not only what the UAE can do, but will demonstrate the UAE’s capabilities to host an event that leaves a positive impact on our country, our schools, and our youth.

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Bitmoji image of  Noora AlBlooshi

Noora AlBlooshi

Noora is passionate about education and inspiring the youth. She has 10 years of experience in mainstream and special needs education. She helps develop Expo 2020 resources, designs and facilitates Expo 2020 workshops, and engages with different school communities. Her favourite TV show is FRIENDS and she never gets tired watching it!

Maryam Al Safran

Maryam is a member of the Expo School Programme Team. She is passionate about education and engaging with and contributing to the community, especially young people. She has worked and volunteered since middle school in various kids and youth related initiatives. Her role at Expo 2020 includes engaging with school communities to involve them with Expo 2020, and planning schools’ visits during the event. Her hobbies include: reading, chilling at home and watching movies and series on Netflix, listening to music, and researching random topics.

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Bitmoji image of Karen Kelly

Karen Kelly

Karen is an educator with ten years of experience in mainstream and online education. She develops Expo 2020 resources, and designs and facilitates Expo 2020 workshops.
Her hobbies include: e-learning, hiking, running, reading and development education.

Chonalyn Mallillin

Chona is a member of Expo2020 School Programme. She supporting the team for necessary requests, specializing SAP ERP system requiring for procurement /finance related and managing booking system of Visitor Centre.  She is a loving mom of three children. She loves to cook, singing in videoke and collecting home accessories like fridge magnet, flower vase etc.

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Bitmoji image of Halah Nasser

Halah Nasser

Halah is a Saudi living in Dubai. Has spent the past 8 years working on Cultural events and exhibitions, with a specific focus on Youth. She is passionate on creating a space for youth to feel creative and inspired. 
Halah is The ultimate bookworm. She is the happiest when she is in the presence of Black coffee and a thriller novel. In her free time she blogs and reviews books or is in Spin class. 

Kavisha Pancholi

Kavisha is a technological freak and says the cartoon "Jetsons" will soon turn into reality. She believes the generation Z will make this possible, hence all the possible knowledge and experience needs to be passed to them. In her free time she enjoys loud music, daily soaps, ROM Com movies and loves to craft.

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Bitmoji image of Sarah Rafiullah

Sarah Rafiullah

Sarah was the very first member to join the School Programme Team at Expo. Her role evolved from planning at the office, to actually going out to schools across the UAE. She also has the very exciting job of looking at tailored journeys for school groups visiting the Expo in 2020. She loves volunteering and working with young people, and educators, and has been doing so since the age of 12. Having grown up in a number of countries, and having gone to 8 different schools, she loves meeting and learning about people from different backgrounds. In her free time, she likes to swim, read, travel, and mentor younger students.

Amin Tejpar

Amin is a science educator and curriculum designer who has worked with schools, NGOs, museums, and universities to develop educational resources.  As part of the Expo School Programme team, he develops concepts that engage teachers and students with ideas from Expo 2020.  His hobbies include: reading, drawing, cycling, sci-fi and traveling. 

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Bitmoji image of Khawla Al Khoori

Khawla Al Khoori

Khawla Alkhoori is a Psychology and Human Services graduate from Zayed University who has a passion for contributing to the industry of social services in the UAE. She is currently employed at Expo 2020 as an Associate for the Visitor Center. Working with children and supporting motivated people is her way of building the next generation of future leaders, and by doing this, she is contributing to her nation’s success. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, travelling and engaging in activities that bring her a rush of adrenaline.